If you have an interest in observing pre-materialist culture, this tour is the right one for you. The Omo people of Southern Ethiopia are so cut off from the material world that they have no written languages or calendars. On this tour, you will be pushing from dawn to dusk observing ancient customs, rites and everyday activities of the Omo.


  • Visit Lake Langano, a Rift Valley lake with a beautiful scenery for nature-lovers and bird-watchers
  • Visit Arba Minch, one of the biggest towns in the southern region and a gate to the Omo Valley
  • Cruise Lake Chamo, the home of a substantial number of hippopotamus and crocodiles
  • Visit the Dorze people, famous for their skills in cotton-weaving. They are also known for their intricate bee-hives looking huts. The Omo Valley is a cradle of a unique kaleidoscope of cultures who have kept traditions alive for generations
  • Visit the Mursi Tribe whose women are famed for wearing large plates in their lips and ears
  • Visit Turmi, home of the Hamar tribe. The women wear elaborately decorated goatskin and decorate their hair with clay and butter. A Hamar man comes of age by leaping over a line of cattle
  • Visit Murulle, the area where the Karo people live. Scarification plays an important role in Karo body decoration. The Karo men are best known for the elaborate body painting they indulge before important ceremonies
  • Visit the Konso people who are famous for their terraced agriculture and for their practice of sculpting wooden totems called ‘Waka’ to mark their graves
  • “Best of Addis Ababa”, our best selling City Tour of Addis Ababa. You will visit the National Museum (where the 3.5 million-year-old bones of Lucy lie), Merkato (the largest open air market in Africa), Lunch at Taitu Hotel (the first hotel in Ethiopia) and enjoy a panoramic view of Addis from Entoto from Entoto Mountain


  • Pick-up from Airport
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Transportation and accommodation for the professional guide
  • Road transportation cars, drivers, fuel
  • Accommodation (Twin/Double Room sharing)
  • Fees for entrances, local guides, scouts, boats for activities mentioned above.


  • Meal plans
  • International flights and visas
  • Activities not mentioned above
  • Photo and video fees
  • Other personal expenses



  • Ethiopian New Year (11 September) is the one holiday celebrated throughout southern Ethiopia. Hawassa celebrates the 2 week long fiche Chembelala new year cultural festival based on the Sidama people.  Religious holidays tend to vary from one place to the next as the region supports a diversity of faiths including the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Islam, various protestant denominations, and even some traditional beliefs. Meskel (the finding of the True Cross) on September 27 (except leap years) is the most popular celebration particularly for the Gurage people
  • Handicrafts can be bought throughout the region, but Dorze is particularly recommended for quality cotton fabrics
  • The climate of southern Ethiopia varies widely based largely on altitude. Bring a mix of summer and spring clothing

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This tour is available throughout the year, including public holidays. Note: The starting from price requires a minimum of FOUR people.

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